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Resolutions to Keep

With a new year comes great expectations, and I’m sure many of you made some awesome New Year’s resolutions. So I’m here to ensure you’re on track to getting the most out of these beautiful 365 brand new days!

It only seems fair that I first share with you my New Years resolutions for 2017, so here they are (I can never pick just one):

  1. Fitness – This is my year to become ‘fit’. I acknowledge my fitness level is far below where it should be, so here’s to the greatest challenge for the year ahead, more exercise!
  2. Mindfulness – I pledge to practice Yoga on a regular basis as a means of mindful meditation, building strength & flexibility and taking some all important ‘me time’.
  3. Love – I promise to love, cherish and nurture myself, my partner and all our family and friends to the best of my ability.


One of the biggest things I find with New Years Resolutions is sticking to them after the initial January ‘idealistic’ period. When you start getting back into your daily work/life routine, it’s very easy to simply not find time in the daily grind, but I would like to challenge you to keep on top of your resolution/s this year, and I promise you will be thanking me by the end of the year. Even if you’ve tapered off until now, it’s not too late to reboot!

Here’s some helpful tips to see you reach your goals:

  • Stay motivated – motivation comes from within, so be sure your resolution is one that your truly feel strong and/or passionate about, as this drive will be the fuel to the fire. For example, I am passionate about my health, so it’s easier for me to stick to my resolutions to improve my fitness and practice mindfulness because I am genuinely interested in doing so and it’s more than an idealistic thought.
  • Keep track – tracking your progress is also great motivation as it will show you where you started, how far you’ve come so far and how far you have to go. I like keeping a journal, on the first page (or two), write your resolution/s, your current state and feeling towards them, any promises you’d like to make to yourself before you get started; then check in during your ‘me time’ either daily or a couple of times a weeks and record your progress. It’s great to include feelings and attitudes as they’re always helpful to reflect upon when you look back a few months from now. For instance, I rode my bike home from a friends place recently, and before I even started, I didn’t think I would make it the whole way. So when I reached the massive hill that marks the half way point I promised myself I would at least try to ride up it, and I did (half way!), but this has now grown into a new goal as part of my fitness resolution, that by the end of the year I would like to make it the whole way.
  • Be honest – there’s no point in making a resolution if you don’t intend on ever trying to fulfil it or worse yet lying to yourself (and others) by claiming to have achieved it at the other end of the year. Ensure there is a strong sense of integrity to your resolution.
  • Challenge yourself – choosing something you’ve already achieved or do kind if defeats the purpose, so make sure you will be challenged by your new year’s resolution – whether that’s physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually is entirely up to you!
  • Ditch the comparisons – your resolution is first and foremost for your own benefit, regardless of it’s impact on others, so don’t feel the need to compare yours against others. As long as you’ve chosen your challenge with honesty to yourself, you’re on the right path to achieve something great this year.

On behalf of Forme Collective, I’d like to wish you all the very best for the second half of the year that lay ahead – may you use each and every one of these brand new days to their fullest potential. Remember to make mistakes, learn from them, try new foods, discover what feels good, embody yourself and have fun along the way.

With love,